Encouraging interaction in my student groups using Google Docs

Please feel free to use these forms

Two Truths and a Lie

This activity encourages students to get to know each other, prior to forming smaller cooperative groups (tribes).
Participants tell three things about themselves and include something that is false, e.g. I have hazel eyes, not brown eyes as stated (I guess my height and weight vary, but the stated information is relatively true).
The information would be used during an Elluminate webconference session, after students are told they are to take turns at explaining or defending their responses..
You can try it out to see how it works - just enter some "personal" data and a fictitious name.


This activity encourages students to anonymously voice their intentions and concerns, prior to forming smaller cooperative groups (tribes).
The activity would take place during an Elluminate webconference session.
Each comment is then assigned randomly to the group, and each student takes a turn to read the comment assigned to them - even if it is their own.
The teacher leading the activity then has an opportunity to provide feedback to each comment, balancing participation and safety.
You are most welcome to add you own response - be creative!


Making an effective presentation - planning phase.

Click your way through this slideshow, and then follow the instructions below.

Following on from viewing the slides above, your teacher will break the group into smaller groups of 2-3 people, and then assign each group a few tasks.

Task 1- discuss the slideshow and plan your presentation

Using the information on the slide assigned to your small group, and textas & large sheet of paper provided, sketch out a series of slides that will clarify:
1. "What's in it" for participants?
2. Who is my audience?
3. Am I being clear?
4. Am I using pictures to tell a story?
5. What will my audience take away from the session?
6. How will I actively engage my audience?
7. What body language will I use to accompany my audio-visuals?

Task 2- present your findings to the group

One participant will report to the larger group using the form below.

Another participant will present sketches to the larger group either by holding sheets up to a webcam or by uploading photos of sketches.